Generational Wealth
Mindset Management

True wealth is not only money and assets.

If you lost it all, you or your descendants would know how to start again if the intrinsic values are passed on.

No product is up to the challenge of preserving wealth for 100 or 200 years. Where do you start? What is the priority?

Financial wealth creates an energy that can impact a call to service or a negative debacle. 

Each generation has a role and a place in the economic cycle.

The energy put out in each cycle affects the whole. Know where you are in the cycles.

The whole is the sum of its parts.

Each individual in a wealthy family must develop an internal compass based on values and skills to interact well with the family, the advisors, governance, and the shared knowledge or fortune.

Hard and soft skills

There are practical hard and soft skills to building something of value, and then it is another skill to transfer its preservation: The impact of the soft side is often missing, which relates to character. 

Part of the stress and the physical manifestations show up energetically in the business, trusts, marriages, children, and family culture

Each generation is part of the cycle and needs to be part of the orderly change.

Meet us

For the past two decades, Natalie Pequeux has been working with high-net-worth families to bridge the generational gap and establish a family structure that preserves not only the money but also its wealth mindset.

She works with people of all ages to understand the source of their intrinsic wealth to create an anchor upon which they can flourish.

Born and raised in Southern Africa, she lived and worked in France, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. However, her clients range from countries all over the globe.

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Who is showing up for the task?

A great steward knows how to govern oneself when there is control without ownership.

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